PreCold® Mouth Spray against common cold

PreCold® is a mouth spray that reduces the probability of catching the common cold and can shorten the duration of a cold when used at early stages of infection.

PreCold® Mouth Spray works by forming a protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the throat, making it more difficult for the cold virus to cause illness. PreCold® is free of preservatives.

PreCold® is a registered CE-marked Class I Medical Device according to the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

PreCold® is sold in Iceland and in Scandinavia as ColdZyme® and CortaGrip® in Spain. To learn more about PreCold® visit the ColdZyme® website.

PENZIM® for healthier skin

PENZIM® is a popular health product that has been on the Icelandic market since 1999. It is multifunctional and particularly suitable for the management of dry skin, rashes, insect bites and other conditions causing skin irritations.

Like all our products PENZIM® contains powerful enzymes from the North Atlantic cod. Many users have described the various benefits and effects of PENZIM®.  Learn more about PENZIM®.