Our technology of developing and producing theraputic formulations containing marine-derived enzymes is called the Penzyme® Technology and is at the core of our intellectual property.

Picture reference: Iyaguchi, D., Toyota, E., Crystal structure of Atlantic cod trypsin.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that exist in life forms and are essential in breaking down food. The class of enzymes that break down proteins is called proteases. Trypsins are a form of proteases that need water to cleave proteins. Zymetech extracts and purifies trypsins from deep sea cod and utilizes in its products. Zymetech holds a patent covering broad use of cod trypsins in cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Why cod?

Trypsins from cod have unique properties that are derived from the wide spectrum of food the cod consumes in its habitat and the low temperature it digests its food. When cod trypsins are released at human body temperature they become very active for a short time and much more active than comparable enzymes in mammals. Only small amounts of cod trypsins bring out the desired efficacy at body temperature.

The Penzyme® technology

Cod trypsins are by nature unstable and attack and destroy themselves if their activity is unbound. A lot of research lies behind the technology to limit the activity of the cod trypsins in products that are stored at room temperature and then release them when the product is applied on human skin at body temperature. Zymetech developed a technology called Penzyme® that gives the enzymes this ability.