PreCold/ColdZyme soothens sore throat

PreCold/ColdZyme has received extended product claims stating that in addition to preventing and reducing the duration of colds, ColdZyme can also soothe sore throats and alleviate common cold symptoms. Read more in the announcement

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ColdZyme® strawberry launced

Enzymatica has launched the ColdZyme with strawberry taste in Scandinavia. Many have requested a new flavor that appeals to both young and old, and now it is here! Enzymatica is expanding the ColdZyme family with […]

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PENZIM gets a facelift this summer!

Zymetech launches its popular skin-care product PENZIM in new packaging this summer. Make sure you look for the new design in the store.

2019-11-22T13:50:05+00:00August 1st, 2019|

Zymetech receives ISO 9001 certification

Zymetech received ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system at the end of 2018. The scope of the certification covers design, development, production, production, sales, distribution and research services in relation to Zymetech products.

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New and improved bottle for PreCold®

We have listened to our customers and now PreCold® comes in a new and improved bottle. The bottle has a snap-on cap that does not get loose if you carry PreCold® around in […]

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PreCold® available as CortaGrip® in Spain

PreCold® (ColdZyme®) is now available in Spain as CortaGrip®. This is great news for travelers as Spain is a popular destination for Icelandic tourists.

2017-03-09T18:41:15+00:00August 20th, 2016|

Enzymatica AB and Zymetech ehf. join forces

Enzymatica AB in Sweden has completed the acquisition of Zymetech ehf. The two companies have been working together since 2011 on the development of products that utilize cod trypsin’s to fight upper respiratory […]

2017-06-19T07:26:22+00:00April 1st, 2016|

Zymetech awarded the Icelandic Innovation Award

Zymetech has been awarded the Icelandic Innovation Award 2015 for its achievements in research and product development. The objective of these prestige award is to emphasize the important connection between research, innovation and […]

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